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Your SOL if you own anything less than an iPhone 4s

If you own an iPhone 3G or just a 4 the new iOS 6 is nothing more than a facebook update. if you don’t believe me go to the source APPLE Read the fine print. Basically it’s just a facebook … Continue reading

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OMG OMG….it’s a new phone

Well it’s here. Time to shell out new money for new cases and gadgets too. But will you? I think I’ll wait til all of the new os bugs get worked out. The headphone jack is now at the bottom. … Continue reading

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New iPad and iPhone to hit stores for Christmas

Confirmed: New iPad Mini to Debut in October, After Latest Apple iPhone’s September Bow Full story here

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When they say only time can tell. Here’s proof

I just hope that the human creativity that Jobs had put together keeps on creating. On One-Year Anniversary of Jobs Stepping Down as CEO, Karma’s a … For another take on the Apple v Samsung trial click here

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Apple MacBook unibody problems (model A1342 Lower Case and Hinge defects)

At just 15 months old it has lost its bottom and two hinge cracks. Apple wants $149 plus tax to fix a know defect in its product. This is very sad. I have 5 HP laptops. Not a single defect except … Continue reading

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Possible New iPhone5…total redesign

Apple’s next big release – the iPhone 5. Over the past few months, rumors surrounding Apple’s next-gen iPhone have been few and far in between, but the rumors that have surfaced are quite intriguing. From an NFC capable device to … Continue reading

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