team work

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time to get the nerd on

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Facebook VoIP play

A new hidden feature in the facebook update is taking a jab at Skype, Microsoft, and Google. Better keep your unlimited data plans people cause this “feature” is going to get out of hand.


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Times are a changin’

Ten years ago during the winter of 2012, I had a rackserver HP to be exact that had a raid array with dunt dunt dunnn…20 gigs of storage. It housed our SAP/R3 oracle database. Total cost of this one computer of 12 servers I maintained….$84,000.00. Today I have 3 Terabytes on a Mac mini as a media server total cost dunt dunt dunnnn $450. (Used Mac mini but hey everything was new at one time wasn’t it?) Guess what, it’s almost full. Seems you will never have enough space no matter what you do. But I’m just glad I have it. Never know when that quirky cat video might come in handy for some YouTube dollars. Happy new year.


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I Love My Roku

With the Roku app for the iPhone I’ve got techno lust streaming. Using my phone as a remote and the ability to select what I watch from my phone is awesome. Now to setup a home DNLA server and by by to cable. Next trick to make the G4 mac mini do Hulu.




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If you actually read some of the terms of service agreements companies make you sign before you use their service you might get a few chuckles.


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One of the best thing for your phone

I’ve been using blue ant headsets for 3 years. My first one still works but I lost my charging cable for it. The main reason I’ve never recommended the product to everyone because of this proprietary bs. So instead of $14.95 for a cable for a 3 yr old headset I spent $40 for the T1. I really like it. So check it out on amazon. I got the alpine white. It came with two covers one being black so it has a very different look. So if your in the market check out the blue ant T1.


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