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It’s just a phone

The iPhone 5 Leak Everyone Was Talking About Yesterday Turned Out To Be A Fake full story here Advertisements

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Facebook new app update ver5.0 for iOS

It’s not as slick as google + but it beats the crap out of the old app. Been using it for a few hours. It is snappy and less clunky than the old facebook app. But no update for android … Continue reading

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New iPad and iPhone to hit stores for Christmas

Confirmed: New iPad Mini to Debut in October, After Latest Apple iPhone’s September Bow Full story here

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When they say only time can tell. Here’s proof

I just hope that the human creativity that Jobs had put together keeps on creating. On One-Year Anniversary of Jobs Stepping Down as CEO, Karma’s a … For another take on the Apple v Samsung trial click here

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If the new iPhone 5 looks like this ill wait

Apple tells site to stop selling iPhone 5 mod kits. Check out the video from this company. I think it’s just some hype to sell a mod kit for a phone that is going away. But if this really is … Continue reading

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