Apple MacBook unibody problems (model A1342 Lower Case and Hinge defects)


At just 15 months old it has lost its bottom and two hinge cracks. Apple wants $149 plus tax to fix a know defect in its product. This is very sad. I have 5 HP laptops. Not a single defect except batteries life is a wee bit short and runs windows. But I have Linux and freebsd on them too. But the top hinge and bottom rubber are common defects in this model and apple says I should have gotten the apple care warranty. I have several apple products ipods ipads and Macs. The boy wanted a new Mac mini for his birthday…I’m thinking not. I like the operating system. But to say your product is out of warranty sorry when I check the message boards and this is class actionable (over 100 folks same issue) apple I’m sorry but if you wont fix it my rants will. This isn’t my first MacBook but it is my first one that after a year of use has a nasty design flaw. I will hope my nice communicade to cuppertino might perk some ears. For the cost they asked to fix the problem is a bit more than what the clerk wants for the law suit. So I’m wondering if they are going to take me and the 17 other folks serious about this defect.

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9 Responses to Apple MacBook unibody problems (model A1342 Lower Case and Hinge defects)

  1. btchakir says:

    I have this problem too and would fix it myself, but the parts dealers I’ve surveyed are “out of stock.” Any suggestions?

  2. Denisse says:

    I have the same problem whit my MacBook. I have the computer only 12 months, this never happen to me before, i was looking for a new one and Apple wants $149 plus tax to fix a know defect in its product…. I can’t believe it!!!

  3. Thomas Butt says:

    Larry –

    Just developed the same problem. My macbook is about 18 months old. Have an appt at the mac store downtown SF tomorrow but not optimistic they will repair for free based on your post. Keep me informed about the lawsuit.

    – Tom

  4. Thomas Butt says:

    Larry –

    Took the laptop into the genius bar this morning and they replaced no charge. Maybe they’ve changed their minds since you spoke with them last.

    – Tom

  5. Andrew Soto says:

    I’m having the SAME exact problem, The bottom just started failing on me just yesterday & I’ve had it just as long as you. Why cant they sell that bottom for cheaper that’s just a totally ripoff, PLUS my Apple Care ran out last year!!!!!!!haha Apple fails!

  6. Gabriela says:


    I wanna know what happen with your discussion. I had the same problem just right now! And I’m so frustrated because I took care with this computer! I’m really mad! The new low case costs 150 and it wasn’t my fault.

  7. Olaf says:

    Dont worry! Apple admits the fault, and replaces all affected machines:

  8. This is terrible defects man!

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