Possible New iPhone5…total redesign

Apple’s next big release – the iPhone 5. Over the past few months, rumors surrounding Apple’s next-gen iPhone have been few and far in between, but the rumors that have surfaced are quite intriguing. From an NFC capable device to an entirely new form factor with a 4-inch screen, Apple appears to have something big in the works come June. Indeed, even publications like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times – papers Apple often uses to ‘leak’ information – have intimated that the iPhone 5 will be a significant departure from the iPhone 4.

All that said, one rumor circulating this morning courtesy of  Taiwanese-based Economic Daily News relays that Apple will be doing away with the glass back employed on the iPhone 4 and instead will opt for an aluminum casing, much like the original iPhone.

Also slated to appear in the iPhone 5 is the speedy A5 chip Apple showcased in the iPad 2 last week. Further, the report notes that the iPhone 5 antenna will be redesigned and will be located behind the Apple logo on the back, marking an end to the exposed antennas

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