For $30 bucks we can be brought to our digital knees.

This little culprit is a “GPS jammer,” a small plastic device which can be bought for as little as $30 online. This device can knock out GPS signals from miles away. So why should we care?

In San Diego a few years ago when the GPS signals got hacked here is what happened:

In the tower at the airport, air-traffic controllers peered at their monitors only to find that their system for tracking incoming planes was malfunctioning. At the Naval Medical Center, emergency pagers used for summoning doctors stopped working. Chaos threatened in the busy harbour, too, after the traffic-management system used for guiding boats failed. On the streets, people reaching for their cellphones found they had no signal and bank customers trying to withdraw cash from local ATMs were refused. Problems persisted for another 2 hours.

As it turns out, a trucker on the New Jersey turnpike had installed a GPS jammer in his car to avoid paying a GPS-operated toll. He drove past the Newark airport twice a day, causing the havoc described above. So just think if some kids where out to get some kicks. Welcome to chaos.

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