Well that’s inventive 

Seems you get what you paid for. 

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How we read at 3am on a Friday

What do we do when a power nap has messed up the nocturnal vestiges of a hungover engineer….read some FreeBSD books.


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Lets upgrade to a larger SSD

Time to put in a 256gig SSD. Seems the 60gig SSD is just a wee bit small for the MacBook Pro. 20130512-153921.jpg20130512-153938.jpg20130512-154009.jpg20130512-154139.jpg20130512-154201.jpg20130512-154257.jpg20130512-154312.jpg20130512-154339.jpg20130512-154407.jpg20130512-154438.jpg20130512-154504.jpg20130512-154520.jpg20130512-154541.jpg20130512-154630.jpg

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From the whole earth catalog

This is the fundamental structure of being social. Share. Learn. Move forward.

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Porsche please help apple to design a phone

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My little Linux n OS X project

Well I’m finally getting around to my hackntosh project that has been in a box for two years. (I forgot about it) putting 2 gigs of ram into the Eee PC 1005hab. Installed unbuntu 12, and ready to dual boot via a flash drive apples OS X 10.6.1. Why? Because I can. Updates later.



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Yes this is to be true

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